This is the home of jztx, a piece of java software that
provides some handy functionality that can be used by
almost any java program.

The functionalities included are intended to be very light-weight,
high-performance, and of great utility, providing (but not limited to):

- Application-level logging/tracing
- JDBC connection mechanics for MySQL/Mariadb, with pooling
- Light-weight persistence/DAO layer
- SSL-based image/file repository facility with deep-dir relocation
- Magstripe content decomposition

jztx 2.8
Source onlyjztx-2.8-src.tar.gz
JAR with sourcenot available
jztx 2.6.8
Source onlyjztx-2.6.8-src.tar.gz
JAR with sourcejztx-2.6.8-binsrc.jar
jztx 2.6.6
Source onlyjztx-2.6.6-src.tar.gz
JAR with sourcenot available

Most recent documentation (2.8)